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To enhance sales, your brand must make a positive difference precisely at the purchasing moment and your products need to be readily available. Otherwise, you run the risk that consumers wind up buying from your competition.

It is possible to ensure better access to the consumers, thereby increasing your share of the sales but it takes effort. Once you have started, carefully thought out decisions make sure the consumers do not even consider whether to choose your product or another.



Purchasing moment presence

Your product is destined for the consumers’ trolleys. It is crucial to make a difference at the purchasing moment just as the consumer is making his or her choice.

To improve your hit-rate, the store must offer prime exposure for your product. If you leave it to the shop staff they are not solely nursing your brand but also your competitors’ brands. By choosing to hire external reinforcements, your products get the attention they deserve.

Merchere stock your products and allow for easy access while a dedicated sales force helps you establish strong relations with the individual shop, selling in you products and concepts as you intend.

Utilise the power of produt presentation to activate your product. Once the consumers have tasted or seen it in use, you increase your chance of them purchasing your product by a staggering 60 %.

Knorr seized this opportunity. They chose us to activate consumers with a dedicated roadshow. The decision influenced their sales figures greatly. Knorr increased their sales by a whopping 300 % on the days the Knorr roadshow visited supermarkets across Denmark. 


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Sales boost assistance

You know your product and company, we know the FMCG market and retail industry. Pooling our resources, we can help boost your sales by means of efficient measures and a structured approach to sales.


At RelationMedia you can choose from a range of sales measures:

  • Advice on the scope, timeframe and logistics of you activities
  • Staff booking and training
  • Information distribution to various locations
  • Goods and material logistics
  • Execution and thorough evaluation


Talk to us about your company’s needs before you decide on the means and method - and match your sales efforts to your current setup.

Let me help you eliminate your sales challenges

Want sparring on how to increase your product sales? Drop me a no-strings-attached call and let’s talk options.

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