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Remember the (g)olden days? When you had all the time in the world and plenty of in-store staff to ensure the shelves were sagging with all the products you sold? Sadly those days are gone and time is of the essence - not to mention the explosion in number of products to keep track of.



Manage goods with merchandising

Visibility and access is pivotal for your products. Which makes professional merchers essential.

As a supplier, merchers help you stock your goods in the stores, ensure the right displays are up and that your marketing material is easy to find.

At RelationMedia we help you:

  • stock products
  • trim shelves
  • arrange shop displays
  • build spaces

When Royal Unibrew decided to install artificial football fields in Danish supermarkets, to induce Champions League viewers to stock up on soft drinks and beer, the task was time-consuming. They got us to make sure the individual stores had enough space - and that the football fields were set up properly of course.


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“RelationMedia’s setup and employees work amazingly in meeting our needs and requirements.”

Ulrich Boel Sørensen - Urtekram

Make merchandising a fixture

With RelationMedia you get the chance to make merchandising a fixed solution. We make sure you get a team of permanent merchers who communicate directly with your sales reps.

When one of your reps are told of a new campaign, he simply has to pass on the message to our merchers. They make sure your products are where they are supposed to be and that any advertising material is set out. Depending on the type of arrangement you choose, you can get the same people to check stores several times a week, ensuring consumers never look in vain for your products.

To make it extra easy for you, we have developed a booking system allowing your reps to book merchers online when the need arises. This provides you with the opportunity of solving tasks on the fly, at minimal inconvenience to your sales reps.

The requests we get for our merchandising are ever more specific. To satisfy customer demands, you now have the option of making special demands for the merchers sent to solve your challenge. They might need a forklift certificate, experience handling specific types of products or warehouse experience. We strive to accommodate your requests.


We make sure the products are available on the shelves

Gathering the right team of merchers at short notice is crucial in a busy everyday - and we succeed every time! Urtekram gets assistance from us when and where they need it, and we solve a variety of mercher tasks.


Read the case here


Amp up your merchandising

Are you launching a new product  Utilise merchandising to ensure that no consumer is left wanting once they have tried your delicious product. Deploy a couple of merchers ahead of time to check that there are plenty of products on the shelves and that everything is neat and tidy.

Our latest merchandising addition enables you to choose an all-inclusive store solution. As part of a large chain of stores, it is hard for a small retailer to keep on top of the many sales reps coming and going.

Regain the overview by having RelationMedia put together a mercher-team for your chain. Now you can ask suppliers to contact us and we will carry out the tasks. This way, you are never in doubt of who is coming and who can put up which products.




Don’t let consumers to away off empty-handed.

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