SSI provides international brand reach

As a member of SSI - Sales Services International - RelationMedia offers you a unique entry point to an international sales and marketing platform. Cooperating with our talented colleagues abroad, we offer the opportunity of extending your brand reach internationally.

Our owner, Ole Norré, is the Nordic representative on the SSI Executive Board. This place has been secured at least in part by our innovative approach to our customers’ sales and marketing activities.


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Maximise your branding with SSI

SSI is your organisation’s ultimate gateway to the European markets. Working with RelationMedia, you have the opportunity to reach far beyond your own country borders with just one point of contact. Rugfras can attest to the positive effects of this.

Let us work on your next international campaign and rest assured that we will find the right cooperation partners in the individual countries. They will tailor the solutions to fit their own market based on their comprehensive knowledge.  

SSI makes a difference to your brand

SSI is much more than an international marketing platform. It is a place for us to increase our knowledge and develop state-of-the-art branding methods across borders. This has one huge advantage; your branding is always cutting edge when you work with us.

At SSI you can draw on the international range when it comes to sales force, merchandising, events, sampling, mystery shopping and much more. You do not have to contact companies in the individual countries, you can leave that to us once your campaign is settled. If you want to know more about SSI, you can visit their website here.

We help you assess what is necessary and in cooperation with our SSI partners, we find the ultimate solution for you, no matter which markets you want to access.





Enter the international stage via a tailored set-up.

Contact: Christian Flamand Goldschmidt

Phone: +45 4179 2879




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