Product demonstrations boost sales figures

75 % of all purchase decisions deviate from the consumer’s original plan. Surely a slice of that pie is for you. Add to that the fact that 81 % are inspired by in-store promotion activities. Now the choice of launch method becomes vital for your sales figures.

How do you make sure, your product not only reaches the consumers but becomes a new favourite?

Product presentations must boost sales

Are you looking to launch your next product with bravado? Or do you have a product that needs a sales boost due to dwindling sales figures? Every year, thousands of new products or varieties of existing products hit supermarket shelves. Winning the consumers’ favour can make or break your campaign.

We have investigated what can induce shoppers to put new products in the shopping cart.

When presented with an exciting product presentation in the right spot, as much as 58 % will ask questions and 46 % will remember your product next time they are pushing the cart around the supermarket. From these 32 % are likely to choose your product rather than a similar product.

However, you need to make an effort before consumers will spend time on your product presentation. 54 % expect to be inspired when visiting a stall, while a staggering 78 % indicate that product presentations help make their shopping more exciting.

All of this makes it worthwhile considering who to work with next time you are looking to present your product to the consumers.


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We use RelationMedia as our demo agency, where all our shop demos are handled by them. Put differently, we cooperate with them about the strategy on when to run demos, what to emphasise, the scale that matches the shops and what sells best.

Stine Hansen, Unilever

Product presentation from A to Z

Let our expertise and many years’ experience with product presentations be your rock next time you are promoting a new product. You can get sparring and assistance at every step of your decision making process, from the initial strategic considerations, through concept development and material production to finally executing the product presentation.

RelationMedia is your gateway to Denmark’s strongest staff. We can match any product demonstration staff demands you may have, no matter if your product caters to young people, old people or those in between.

We take pride in putting together the perfect ambassador team for your product who can put you on the fast track to solid sales figures. And they know your products almost as well as you do. Among the consumers this means leaving a credible and positive impression of your brand and your product.

With the right presentation team you will draw your customers closer to you and cultivate new consumers for your product. Philips support this claim. If you want to know more about the results they get when using us, click here.

Tasting a new Wasa variety

When launching the new, organic whole grain product, we gave out free samples in supermarkets across Denmark.


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Be inspired by our other customers

Product presentations can be varied in infinity and we are happy to offer up our experience for you. We help you make the right choice when it comes to location, setup and branding, as well as how to best interact with the consumers. View a selection of the activities, we have helped other customers succeed with.



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