Knorr increased sales by 300 %

How did Knorr hand out 100,000 samples in just one year? They chose RelationMedia to host roadshows - and the Danes loved it!
The sale of Knorr’s mealkits and snackpots increased significantly when RelationMedia handled brand activation events in a series of Danish supermarkets.

Knorr increased their sales by a whopping 300 % on the roadshow days.

Around the world with Knorr

Following a creative brainstorming day with Knorr it was crystal clear that they were hunting for much more than classic product demonstrations. We produced an idea catalogue providing Knorr with the opportunity to pick an overall direction.

Knorr fell in love with the idea of a mobile kitchen. We developed a large and small set-up, enabling it to visit several types of shops and supermarkets. In the kitchen, a trained ambassador team was ready to receive the many visitors for a trip around well-known and new dishes.

In Bilka Fields Copenhagen, the visitors got an extra treat, when Luigi, who the Danish consumers know from the iconic Knorr tv-commercials, came by to say hello. He treated the visitors with delicious Knorr-dishes from his home country.


Let the sales figures do the talking

Many visitors got an experience riddled with inspiration. They complimented the kitchen and commented on the authentic universe we had created for Knorr.

Advantageous locations in various supermarkets meant the kitchen was easy to spot even at a distance. We made sure to be located close to a Knorr market, allowing the visitors to easily reach the ingredients for their new favourite dish.

We were able to document that sales figures rose to a staggering 300 % on the days that our ambassador team were on location all around Denmark.


Creative workshop - unlocking new ideas

RelationMedia offer to host creative workshops enabling us to generate new ideas and solutions together focusing on your brand and challenges.

The common streak in these workshops is clear: they are inspiring, fun and stimulating, and take place in an environment built for idea generation, development and learning.

Using various creative tools and techniques, we facilitate the day to ensure you walk away with the greatest and most valuable output possible.
The workshop results are collected in a catalogue that you can use to develop and execute your concept.






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