20,000 sipped Lipton’s new Ice Tea

RelationMedia combined surfing and rodeo, attracting Danes on their summer holiday and in need of refreshments and entertainment.

In a short four weeks, RelationMedia created an awesome summer event sure to bond consumers to the brand. People were jumping to get on Lipton’s Rodeo Surfboard. The goal was to launch their new Ice Tea Green Tea - and it was a smash hit. 

Summer, sun and fun

These were the words attached to the brief along with a desire to organise events close to locations that matched the product’s target group. We delivered three different concepts for Lipton to choose between.

Lipton chose to combine two of the concepts; a taste booth and a rodeo surfboard. We visited several different supermarket chains with the stunning summer stand and introduced the refreshing new Lipton Ice Tea variety.

In the Danish supermarket-chain Bilka, the shoppers got to try Lipton’s Rodeo Surfboard. Many took up the challenge, trying their luck on the surfboard in an attempt to secure the main prize. Who wouldn’t want half a pallet of Lipton delivered at your home address - no surcharge?

Even if they just wanted to watch others try their luck on the surfboard, there were plenty of samples to quench the thirst.

Perfect fit

Based on Lipton’s existing design, RelationMedia got to work adapting artwork and producing all the materials necessary to make the events a success. From paper cups with the right logo to matching design for the booths, we coordinated everything.

Naturally, we also made sure to choose the right employees, who were armed with plenty of Lipton refreshments for all the visitors - both inside the shops and outside Bilka. It takes several permits and a lot of coordination with the individual locations to make this happen, and Lipton trusted us to execute it all.

Everything in place there was nothing left than to have as many people as possible taste the new Lipton variety. In all we gave out 20,000 samples and had a keen surfers line up to try the board all around Denmark. Their efforts were caught on camera by a professional photographer, allowing Lipton a glimpse of the success after the fact.



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