Sampling - your product in the consumer’s hands

Sampling can help you create a positive vibe around your brand. Use activities that provide consumers with a jaw dropping experience and the chance to sample your product.

The sky’s the limit when you have to decide how to use sampling to strengthen consumer relations and increase their knowledge of your brand.

What is sampling really?

Anything to be honest. However, it always entails an exchange of goods, often samples, but it could just as easily be pamphlets, flyers, pens or something else.

Many of us have been handed a drinking yoghurt while passing through a crowded train station. That is sampling. Or stuck a small package of chewing gum in the purse that some kind person handed you along with a smile. That is sampling too.

In its essence, sampling is about opening the consumers’ eyes to your product and brand. It is meant to build a strong, positive relation to the brand, making it top-of-mind to your target group next time they are shopping or choosing a supplier.

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The sheer amount of details when it comes to sampling and practicalities that have to come together is sometimes mind-boggling. I think RelationMedia is incredibly good at managing every aspect of the campaign.

Stine Hansen, Unilever

Remember this number: 90 %

Consumers are habitual creatures, this never more evident than when they browse the supermarket shelves. Studies show that a staggering 90 % of all consumers wish to sample new a new product before buying it.

At the same time, 90 % of all product launches fail. Not because consumers do not take to the product, but because they did not get the chance to try it out.

How do you ensure that your product reaches the consumers? Sampling is one of the strongest cards you can play - it provides free access to the consumers.


Where does sampling take place?

In theory, there are as many different opportunities as there are locations you can come up with. Which makes sparring essential when choosing a location.

Let RelationMedia help you choose the right place based on our knowledge of target groups, locations and timing. We make sure that all the permits are in order, produce the right material and set-up for the sampling and we execute the task. Afterwards, you receive a comprehensive report providing insight into how your sampling was received by the consumers and how many contacts we made.

Why not sample in a train station or among a group of perky joggers 


Sampling at the iForm races 

We distributed RugFras and tested people’s strength. Plenty of samples were distributed while various types of activities sparked attention about RugFras.


Read the case here

Be inspired by our other customers

Sampling can take place almost anywhere - the key is knowing exactly where and when to find your target group. We help you make the right choices about location, setup and branding, as well as how to best interact with the consumers. View a selection of the activities, we have helped other customers succeed with.

Which 90 % do you want to belong to?

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