Add a new dimension with mystery shopping

Much and more has happened since little grocery shops opened their doors and provided their customers with an opportunity to make all their daily purchases in one place. Back then, everyone knew each other and the shopkeeper knew exactly what Mrs. Smith liked, ensuring he stocked her favourite goods.

Today, supermarket chains experience the same demands from 21 century consumers, but it has become increasingly hard to achieve the same level of customer knowledge as before. You need to find new ways of ensuring first hand knowledge of your customers.



Mystery shopping, how data can make you smile

Mystery shopping is one of the supermarket chains’ all time favourites when it comes to understanding their customers. You establish a series of criteria designed to qualify individual supermarkets. Then you forward your list to us.

We send a mystery shopper to each supermarket, your list tucked neatly into her pocket. The shopper then goes about buying products and noting her impressions based on our pre-arranged details.

This opens the door to insights you never dreamed of: is the price right on select products; are the offers easy to find; is the shop clean and tidy; how is the OSA - on shelf availability - for certain products? Now you know more about the supermarket’s general service level, if certain campaigns can be located and if your check-out staff is smiling and happy to help.

Once the mystery shopper is done for the day, you get a report packed with data making it easy to locate action points to ensure your shoppers get an even better experience next time.

Be inspired by our other customers

Mystery Shopping is your gateway to insights into how you can optimise your sales and services. Let us measure and analyse exactly what you want answers for working with anonymous customer feedback. View a selection of the activities, we have helped other customers succeed with.





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