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Behind any successful brand is a powerful creative team, which has discovered how to visualise the brand to its full potential. Graphic design is a key component when it comes to telling a story that will make people remember the brand.



Bring graphic design on your journey

No matter where you are on your branding journey - whether you are looking to launch a new product or revitalise your brand - the key to success is knowing how to reach your target group.

Use RelationMedia to uncover the next leg of your journey. We put together the right team, dedicated to your assignment. First we pool our knowledge with yours to discover your real marketing challenge.

Perhaps you would more consumers to know your product by staging an event or you need a catchy stand to attract supermarket shoppers Friday afternoon.

Once your goal is crystal clear, we deliver a catalogue of ideas based on our joint brainstorm as well as our in-house knowledge of target groups, products and launches. The catalogue contains a visualisation of the end graphic design as well as concept descriptions and budgets. This gives you something to choose from - we are ready to help you choose, should you need it.  

Got a design manual that must be adhered to? Hand it over and we will produce a design that matches all your brand specifications while being just what the branding doctor ordered for the activity you have in mind.



Graphic design ranges free

RelationMedia provides graphic design for POS-material, foliation of mobile units - for anything under the sun. We make sure your graphic design matches your design demands while ensuring milestone branding value.  

Knorr has had our help in inspiring consumers in a range of Danish supermarkets on how to utilise Knorr’s products in new ways. Their end result was a roadshow, which not only increased consumer brand awareness but also ensured mindblowing sales figures.

Rugfras wanted to be known as the healthy cereal option. The catalogue of ideas included a foliated caravan complete with a photobooth, fun gimmicks for the visitors to make unique photos and much more - all of which told the story about the brand.

Graphic design is about brand deployment

When you want to deploy your brand and create a story for your target group to remember, a properly thought out graphic design can make or break your results. Once you have given the go-ahead, use us to find out how to best target your audience and design your event - now you hold all the aces.






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