Exit interviews empower consumer relations

How do consumers view your shops? Are they satisfied with the level of service, employer knowledge, goods selection and campaigns? Do they prefer a specific brand or product to yours - and why?

A mountain of untapped knowledge is at your fingertips. But how do you get to it?



NPS exit interviews

At this moment, many producers find it crucial to discover if their end users might recommend a specific product to family and friends. You probably know it as the NPS score.

An exit interview provides you with an insight into your brand NPS score. Measure how your brand performs in relation to your competitors, especially when your product is not on sale. Does it still make it into the shopping basket because consumers prefer it, or is it because your competitor’s product was sold out?

We draw up a questionnaire for each measuring. If it is your first time working with exit interviews, we make sure to help you choose which type of measuring is most relevant to you. With so much potential information in easy reach, it is important to choose the areas that will actually provide value and the best possible starting point for your company to work from.


Ask consumers with exit interviews

Exit interviews is your gateway to all the knowledge you need to service consumers optimally. It provides a unique opportunity to test how your shops perform.

Let RelationMedia execute your customer surveys.

Based on a specific set of questions, we distribute interviewers to your shops. They are positioned near the exit, e.g. at the register line and make sure to ask consumers their opinion while still in the shop. We recommend ongoing tracking to allow you constant access to the latest developments. KIWI Denmark has embraced this solution (link til case - skal den med OG skal den oversættes??)

Discover if consumers think it is easy to find the products they need, how they see the shop overall, if they are happy about the cleanliness, how they rate the store or chain compared to your competitors. In the end, only the imagination - and usability - can limit the answers you get.

If you want to get more bang for your buck, combine exit interviews with data collection  and/or mystery shopping (link til mystery shopping_UK). The more data the better insight - if you process your data and apply it in practice.



Consumer and service tracking

We helped provide a 360 degree perspective by means of consumer and service tracking - a tangible tool.


Read the case here





Get up close and personal with your customers.

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