Connect your brand and the consumers

Today’s consumers are very critical. To engage in a brand or product they want a personal and preferably unique experience sure to satisfy their senses. RelationMedia are experts in this field.





Above or below the line marketing

‘Above the line’ marketing, i.e. television and radio commercials and offline media such as newspaper and magazine advertising have long been at the core of most companies’ marketing. While the traditional marketing platforms are losing momentum, focus on ‘below the line’ activities are on the rise - this is marketing designed to provide the consumers with new experiences, stimulating their senses to ensure they remember and connect with your brand.

Live marketing contributes to increased brand awareness and powerful brand building. Make the most of it by communicating in new ways.

Place the consumers in your story

Based on your brand and target group, RelationMedia carry out focus groups to provide a nuanced and in-depth picture of the target group’s behaviour and needs. Effectively, this increases your target group knowledge and enables you to create the right kind of experiences and events.

Besides creating one-of-a-kind experiences, we also match the visual imprints with your brand and values. Our skilful graphic team are ready to assist with any kind of graphic design for just this purpose.

Promoting your product can happen on any scale - from sampling in a simple setup to top-of-the-line events. We match your campaigns to your budget and desires.



Do you want help choosing the right solution for?

Reach the next level of marketing through knowledge and cooperation

Based on an in-depth knowledge of your brand’s target group and their values, we work together to produce creative solutions designed to increase brand awareness and provide the consumers with a unique product experience.

Let RelationMedia handle the entire process and project management from beginning to end - or use us as sparring partners for individual services, depending on your setup and needs.


Use us for:

     ● Idea and concept development

     ● Graphic design and POS materials

     ● Staff recruiting and briefing

     ● Coordination and logistics concerning locations and materials

     ● Execution and thorough evaluation

     ● Debriefing, reporting and data


Furthermore, we offer to arrange creative workshops with your company enabling you and your colleagues to contribute to your marketing ideas and concept development. Together, we contemplate and develop strong brand building activities, guaranteed to give your consumers a one-of-a-kind experience.


Let’s work together to connect the consumers with your brand

Call me - I’ll to offer up new ideas on how to market your product by means of the perfect consumer experience.

Contact: Kathrine Obling

Phone: 3144 1835


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