Data collection improves business insight

In the world of big data, why not transfer the notion to your own company? Big data allows you to break down vast data batches to locate patterns and trends, uncovering human behaviour and relations. Any company can benefit from this.

With the right approach to data collection, you get more than an insight into how your business performs, you gain access to consumer demands and experiences. No matter how well you know your target group, it is impossible be sure what their actual demands are - before you ask them.



Data collection equals perspective and development

Based on your specific requirements and demands, we secure relevant and up-to-date data that lends statistic validity to your analysis foundation. It enables you not only to match steps with your customers but also the possibility of anticipating their future demands.

There are several layers of data collection all of which serves the purpose of providing insight into your own business as well as consumer behaviour. If you choose a simple approach, you can ask us to compare prices on specific products. We visit your own stores as well as those of several competitors. The report provides you with a powerful tool to support your future work.

Are you a supplier to Danish supermarkets? We can assist you in checking if your products are displayed according to your agreements and what share of the total shelf footage is available to you. We check if everything is as it should be and report back to you. The data provides an opportunity to optimise your contract with the supermarkets.

Do you want help choosing the right solution for?

Multiple format reporting

As a rule, your data can be delivered in any format you choose. It is up to you, how and when you wish to receive your data.

One option is our dashboard solution. This provides you with a real-time insight into the data collection. Dashboard excels in the event you have chosen us to perform on-going data collection. It allows you to dive into the data and numbers relevant to you at any given time.

If your company has its own analysis department, we forward our raw data to the department for further processing and implementation into your company’s reporting formats.

The third option is a physical report, providing an overview of the data collection and in-depth analysis of pre-defined areas, according to our initial agreement.

No matter which reporting format you choose, you will always have access to all the raw data. This allows you to keep one step ahead of the development in your segment - and the ability to respond much quicker than before. Consistent, in-depth data collection enables a smooth transition from reactive to proactive.


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