Demonstrating products at new launches

For years, product presentations have been a fixed part of Wasa’s new product launches and our cooperation goes back a long time for that very reason. .
It is important to present new varieties to the consumers in the supermarkets, allowing them to taste and experience the products.  


Measurable effect

We have been privileged to be part of Wasa’s new product launches for many years, sampling new crispbread varieties for interested consumers in supermarkets across Denmark.

Wasa relies on our expertise in product presentations and every time, we help create the right experience in the shops. We have passed out tasty treats for a series of different products and in several cases, the activities have supported Wasa’s television and online marketing. Our smiling young branders have met shop consumers introducing Wasa Eko, Wasa Sourdough Rye, Wasa Små Runde and Wasa Bars and Sandwich.

Every activity is followed up by thorough evaluations including sales figures - and those sales figures are essential to measuring the success.


Getting their money’s worth

Our staff is always carefully introduced to the products, providing them with key information that help them answer the consumers’ questions and guiding the utilisation. With a product like Wasa, perfect for breakfast and lunch or as a snack, there are more ways to use Wasa than the consumers might imagine.

We help Wasa get their setup just right and present their products the very best way.




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