Urtekram - flexible mercher assistance

Urtekram has an ongoing arrangement with us, in which we act as the company’s extended arm assisting the sales representatives with a range of mercher tasks.

They have chosen a flexible setup using us when and where required.

Close and flexible cooperation

Urtekram is the largest organic wholesaler in Scandinavia, and most Scandinavians are familiar with their scrumptious products. 

Since August 2015, RelationMedia has handled various mercher tasks all around Denmark - a setup that includes two full-time employees handling the merchandising on a weekly basis in Northern Jutland and on Funen. We also provide ad hoc staff for continuous tasks across the country.

Our merchandisers help Urtekram:

  • Build display and space

  • Rebuild store

  • Replenish stock

  • Trim shelves and displays

  • POS setup

  • Order placement

Let’s test it together

The best way of discovering, what you will gain from cooperating with us is to test us. That is what Urtekram did.

By using our merchandisers, Urtekram was able to release time for their sales representatives - time that used to focus even more on sales. .

To enable easy access when ordering mercher assistance, we have developed a booking system where the sales representatives can order merchandisers online when required.  
Furthermore, we offer up various reporting tools, providing you with exactly the kind of reporting you need.

Read more about merchandising and the opportunities we offer or take a look at our sales force, if you require a more sales oriented profile.



Alternate Text

Our cooperation with RelationMedia began as a test to see if their merchers could release time for our sales representatives.

It was a matter of weeks before that test became a fixed engagement. RelationMedia’s setup and employees worked amazingly in meeting to our needs and requirements. The cooperation is smooth and efficient. This matters greatly to us. We are happy with the cooperation and would struggle without it.

Ulrich Boel Sørensen - Urtekram

Want to know about the case?

Contact: Jarl Vestergaard

Phone: 9388 3088

Email: jv@relationmedia.dk


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