We sold organic smoothies by the bucket

This summer, Naturli’ has toured Denmark in their green plant sales car. We found and purchased the car and our skilful staff treated the customers to delicious treats.

The success was overwhelming when Naturli’s organic smoothies hit home with the customers..


Sales car tour

Naturli' Foods is the Scandinavian market leader within vegetable dairy products and front-runner within plant based food in Denmark. Implementing new marketing efforts, the company wanted to turn people’s attention to their products at alternative locations. The end result included the purchase of a cool vintage Citroën HY, which was dressed in green wrapping, perfect for Naturli’s summer tour.

The car saw most of Denmark: SmukFest at Skanderborg, Food Festival Aarhus, Thy Rock, Blokhus Summer Fair and Royal Garden Market in Copenhagen.
Trained in cooperation with Naturli’, our staff churned out tasty smoothies based on Naturli’s plant-based products mixed with organic fruit. The idea was a huge success at SmukFest. Many were thrilled with a healthy alternative to the usual festival junkfood and as time passed, word spread like wildfire to look out for the little green car. The festival visitors loved the products.



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Creating brand awareness

The plant car hit home both in the score of the products sold as a healthy alternative to the many fatty smoothies on the market, and as a different way to meet the target group, raising brand awareness to a whole new level.

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