RelationMedia helps us raise our ambitions

At KIWI, they have defined a specific need for ongoing knowledge of shop standards as viewed by their customers. They have engaged RelationMedia to achieve their ambition.

Janus Højgaard, Project and development manager at KIWI Danmark, begins: “ We use RelationMedia to track our shops’ performance on a range of service parameters as well as the customers’ experiences. Likewise, we have have had ongoing tasks that have required documentation of the rate of execution in the shops. We have been able to combine these questions and tasks to the tracking and have quickly had precise answers in hand. Of late, we have included customer exit interviews in the setup, providing ongoing customer feedback for us and our shops.”

RelationMedia has provided KIWI with a year round, permanent output, providing the opportunity to monitor the performance level of the chain’s individual shops, giving our shops specific and concrete feedback to improve their customer services.
Janus Højgaard, Projekt og udviklingschef

RelationMedia provides 360 degree insights

Janus Højgaard explains: “We handle service tracking by means of RelationMedia. They deploy observers in the shops who bring a predefined list containing a series of questions to be either confirmed or dismissed. The list includes several crucial service parameters, e.g. how clean the area around the cashiers is, if they can find the products on offer for a given week and a whole range of other things.” Twice a month, RelationMedia’s observers visit all of KIWI’s shops.

In autumn of 2016, KIWI began using RelationMedia for customer interviews as well. Twice a month, interviewers provided by RelationMedia visit all of KIWI’s shops. They interview a cross-section of customers, asking about the customer’s shop experience based on some of the same parameters as the observer is charged with finding out.

To KIWI this setup has a clear advantage: “It provides us and our shop managers with a solid 360 degree survey of the shops’ actual performance and provides the opportunity to prioritise and adjust our efforts. It also supplies our district managers with an accurate image of how to best help the shops. All in all it is great for us to get an external view as well as our customers’ view on our shops.”


Method and equipment

We utilise the latest technologies for gathering data. WIFI-trackers, beacons and tablets are all part of our kit when we collect data on a daily basis. Furthermore, our experienced employees gather data using our app-system, which does not only deliver a live feed but also validates the data by means of geo-coding and picture documentation.

All results can be uploaded to an online dashboard, which is constantly updated using the latest data. This provides a unique overview and a simple possibility of exploring any data set you choose.


Customer and service tracking is a tangible tool

KIWI finds very specific advantages in using RelationMedia. They get objective and specific feedback on their shops from customers simply speaking as they find. The same goes for the observers, who merely state facts according to the questions and areas that must be examined.

To KIWI, this is an output that helps define how to work in a focused manner to develop great customer experiences both on a daily and yearly basis.

The customer and service tracker provides the shop and district managers with a tangible tool to assist their work in the shops. Janus Højgaard elaborates: “At the service office, we get an idea of the overall chain level as well as the individual regions, districts and shops for areas we have defined as being crucial service criteria.”

“I find RelationMedia to be highly structured and disciplined in their work. The agreements we have with them are fulfilled in every way. I think they are extremely professional in both the cooperation and deliveries. It is critical to us that what they deliver to the head office and shops is genuine and credible, and they succeed in this every time.” Janus Højgaard wraps up.

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