Karolines Køkken -
year-round inspiration

Karolines Køkken (Karoline’s Kitchen) wants to inspire consumers year-round. They found their solution with us - a mobile kitchen ensuring the right mix of branding and cooking inspiration.
Karolines Køkken has an ambition to make delicious meals easy to cook at home.

But what does it take to extend the consumers’ experience to something lasting - and increase brand value at the same time?

Branding all year

A while back, Karolines Køkken contacted us in search of a branding solution that could be used multiple times. In the end, we designed a unique, beautiful stand completely scalable to suit the space available in the individual shops and supermarkets we visit.

The design is based on our knowledge of what attracts attention in the supermarkets and what catches the consumer’s eye. This left us with a mobile kitchen, built in modules and dressed in the iconic red and white Karoline checkers - beloved by Danes of all ages.

It does not end here, though. Naturally, we produced all materials and adapted the graphic design, for a unique and streamlined experience.

Arla is happy to leave all coordination and logistics pertaining to the Karolines Køkken activities to us - read more about this here

Garnish is everything

To Arla’s specifications we chose and trained an ambassador corps, ready to give the visitors the very best experience - and strengthen Arla’s brand. To ensure a consistent high service level, all ambassadors participate in biannual product training and receive regular briefings about new products etc. They live and breathe Karolines Køkken - and are always ready to man the kitchen.

The mobile kitchen is a fixture as the corps hands out delicious samples on a monthly basis to all consumers visiting the Danish mega-markets (e.g. Bilka). They get inspiration for their next meal and a chance to participate in various competitions always linked to specific Karolines Køkken products.

The sensational set-up boosted Karolines Køkken’s brand by means of a unique design and the many tasty products that encourage Danish shoppers to recreate the magic at home every week.

Do you want to inspire and boost product sales?

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