30,000 brought home Flødefraiche

Arla chose RelationMedia for the launch of their latest product - our branders distributed samples by the barrel. Arla’s latest product Flødefraiche combines two of the basic elements of Danish cooking - cream and sour cream.

Looking to launch a new product on the dairy market, Arla wanted to make certain to catch the Danish consumers’ attention. Therefore, they asked us how and when the perfect time was to reach as many people as possible.

On-the-go locations

RelationMedia worked with Arla from start to finish. We created an outline of the final setup in which graphic design was the epicenter of all the elements.

Timing was crucial to ensure a successful sampling. We chose to target specific on-the-go locations, i.e. train stations and shopping malls.

Our cooperation agreements with DSB (the Danish Railway Services) and Steen&Strøm (the Scandinavian retail and real estate company) provided us with access to their areas, to meet the busy consumers in all the right places.

To maximise the effect, we targeted the largest possible consumer flows in the sampling places, e.g. by being present on Black Friday.

In the shopping malls, supersized Flødefrache products and giant ellipse gates caught people’s eyes and generated brand awareness. The results were unmistakable. Many happy passer-bys immediately warmed to the Flødefraiche products.

Bang for their buck

From branded barrels, it was easy for our samplers to distribute delicious Flødefraiche products - reaching 30,000 happy recipients. The matching recipe book only made it easier for them to use the product.

Arla truly got bang for their buck: Focus on and brand awareness for the new product. At Arla’s request we had a professional photographer to immortalize the event





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