That summer feeling with delicious organic ice cream


All over the country, treat-craving summer visitors have tasted organic ice cream and gotten an extra touch of sunshine in Arla’s travelling ice cream parlor.

We handed out more than 100,000 samples at 50 different locations, boosting attention about Arla’s organic ice cream, providing guests with a taste of the new ice cream, now available in stores. 

Ice cream … is more than that

For the launch of Arla’s new organic ice cream, we had to pull out all the stomps to get the perfect on-tour setup.
Our mission was to create a welcoming set-up that looked as real and permanent as possible.

We designed and constructed three cozy ice cream parlors, which toured Denmark right through the summer.
The wooden parlors provided the right ambiance and look and a comfortable lounge area, which was easy to move from one location to the next, completed the experience.





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We created a smash hit

We built the mobile ice cream parlors and created the entire set-up and trained our staff to assemble and take down the pretty parlors. Likewise, we handled location planning and deployment of the ice cream parlors at more than 50 locations. The venues included food and clothing fairs, festivals, shopping malls, Stella Polaris and several supermarkets, all of which got an exclusive ice cream parlor visit. 

During the summer, we handed out 100,000 delicious organic ice cream samples to happy visitors and customers. The ice cream and entire set-up were a smash hit among children and adults alike, who enjoyed the travelling ice cream parlors offering up samples of three ice cream flavours.


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Phone: 3144 1835



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